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Flyer series »Achieving Bilingualism«

The BIVEM flyer series was created on the initiative of the BIVEM network and serves to inform educational professionals, parents of multilingual children and other interested parties. The aim is to provide brief and informative information on various topics under the heading »Achieving Bilingualism«. The flyers are already available in several languages (currently German, Russian, Turkish, English, Arabic, Persian, French). Further flyers with new topics and translations are planned for the future.

The flyer series was awarded the OpenAccess-OpenScience Prize 2018 of the German Society for Linguistics.

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Additionally, institutions can order our flyers to be delivered via mail. Due to the high demand, we are currently only able to send up to 100 copies free of charge, one time. In case of a larger number or repeated orders, the shipping costs and a financial contribution would have to be paid (this amounts to 10 € per 50 copies).

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